Welcome Cranberry!

Indian summer invites for walking in the countryside and spending time in the open air in the company of warm sunrays. Enjoy this allure while strolling in our beautiful forests, slopes and hills. You may come across tiny shrubs loaded with cheerful red fruits. When summer is finishing, these playful red fruits ripen and many of us set out to the countryside to pick them.

The cranberry became the main ingredient of our new limited edition waiting for you in our shops and the online store from September 1, 2019. The new collection includes Emollient Velvet Body Lotion, Sparkling Shower & Bath Gel, Softening Scented Bath Salt (available only in brick-and-mortar shops; bring your own container and get 10% off – for more information click here), Softening & Protective Hand Cream, Protective & Nourishing Face Balm, Emollient & Protective Lip Balm, Women´s Eau de Toilette, Cranberry Syrup and Natural Scented Candle from Soya Wax. It is accompanied with warm sparkling fruity scent and tender design.

Cranberry - forest wealth with a large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A legend talking about Indians using cranberries for healing wounds caused by poisoned arrows of their enemies mentions the exceptional effects hidden in these small berries. Hundred years later Europeans learnt about miraculous cranberries and this is how this plant got to our country. Cranberries are part and parcel of traditional Czech sour cream sauce in our cuisine. However, they are known also as a fighter against urological problems. They have anti-inflammatory effects, help reduce blood sugar level, stimulate the immune system and combat tiredness.

This red treasure of our forests is included also in cosmetic product and brings many benefits to our beauty – cranberries take pride in exceptional hydrating, softening, brightening and rejuvenating qualities. Thanks to cranberry extract enriched in many more natural active substances the new amazing CRANBERRY range was developed. It is accompanied with warm sparkling fruity scent and tender design. Treat yourself to delicate care, pamper your body and enjoy Indian summer in the company of juicy Cranberry.

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