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We are proud and happy that we have not forgotten to help and to think of others in this hard and tense time connected with Covid-19 impacting all of us. In the early stage of the pandemic we managed to react to lack of disinfectants in the whole Czech market. We adjusted our production programme overnight and started to produce in bulk much-needed hand sanitizers that are gentle, do not harm or dry out the skin excessively. Thanks to enormous drive of our employees as well as patience of you - our customers – we managed to quickly supply emergency services, health institutions and chemists´ as well as thousands of satisfied customers of our online store.

Furthermore, during the crisis we provided material assistance in the form of gentle disinfectant for a total amount of 2.5mil CZK to all in need. We helped organisations which are not in the first line of interest but which are part of our lives and supporting them is more than important for maintaining and preserving their activities. They are mainly children´s homes, elderly care homes, social service centres, hospices, Alzheimer centres, the Scouts, Caritas Czech Republic, primary and maternity schools. We would not have managed to distribute more than 17,000 litres of disinfectant to all in need without extreme effort of our colleagues in production, dispatch and management departments but in particular without excellent long-term collaboration with Tomáš Slavata, a philanthropist, and his self-sacrificing help to kids in children´s homes, sick children and all in need. Thank you very much!

Besides disinfectant we devoted also our amazing caring hand creams to physicians and nurses in departments of infectious diseases in Bohemia and Slovakia in order to help them take care of their hands exhausted by disinfectant.

Our pleasure is that much greater that we implemented aid to such an extent despite of critical situation in our own company where we face huge losses due to suspended operation and where no return of prosperity is in sight.

Thank you for your support and loyalty.

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