creating an order

Free delivery within CR over CZK 1200

Payment methods

Your order can be paid in the following ways:


Cash on delivery is the most common payment method in the Czech Republic. You pay the purchase price to the mail carrier of Česká pošta, or to the driver of Geis company when taking over the goods.

IMPORTANT: Transport companies have implemented measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission by banning all cash transactions. All cash on delivery can be paid by courier only by credit card. Thank you for your understanding.


The purchase price can be transferred via a bank transfer to the supplier´s bank account. After submitting the order, you will receive bank details necessary for the bank transfer – price, bank account number, variable symbol. This information will be sent also to your e-mail address within the order confirmation. The money is credited to the supplier´s account in 1-3 working days after the payment is done.

The goods are dispatched 3 - 5 days after sending the payment. No additional fees are paid when taking over the goods delivered by Česká pošta or Geis company.

3) GP webpay PAYMENT

PayU is a simplified bank transfer. After submitting the order and pressing the button Payment, you will be redirected to the secure GP webpay payment system where you authorize the payment. The payment is credited to the supplier´s bank account in several minutes.

The goods are dispatched the following working day after receipt of payment. No additional fees are paid when taking over the goods from the mail carrier.

What are the advantages of the GP webpay payment system?

  • quickness of the payment – compared to the bank transfer, which takes 1-3 days, PayU is quick and the goods are dispatched within 1 working day after being ordered.
  • When receiving the goods you do not need any cash.

Is payment by card secure?

  • Your payment card data is entered into the secure web interface.
  • None of our employees has access to your payment card data.


During personal pickup in the selected Manufaktura store you can pay in cash or by card.