New dream shampoo

We are happy to introduce to you an amazing product that some of us have personally tested within internal trials. Enthusiastic responses say it all – Dream Shampoo is coming to our Manufaktura Home Spa shops and the online store on 1st July 2019 and it is ready to provide also your hair with dream care!

Dream Shampoo is exceptional news complementing our renowned beer cosmetic range. It is based on a unique original formula combining natural ingredients tried and tested for hundreds years with the latest cosmetic trends.

Hair shampoo contains regenerating and hydrating hops and barley extracts. Natural caffeine is a great stimulant for hair growth and it prevents hair loss. Xylishine, natural substance based on sugar and seaweed, provides hair with deep hydration, overcomes flyaway hair and neutralizes its static charge. The shampoo includes true and unique Ferdinand beer - pale lager 11° Max. Beer is a unique source of vitamin B, trace elements and minerals that significantly help regenerate hair and scalp. Kerarice based on rice extract protects hair quality and colour against UV radiation and adverse external impacts. The composition of the shampoo is remarkable for the content of very fine tensides without SLES and silicones, thanks to which it is suitable also for sensitive scalp. Extra mild composition is enriched in almond oil with intensive regenerating and nourishing effects. You will definitely fall in love with its pleasant herbal fragrance and you provide your hair with beneficial care and tender caress with every wash, like in a dream…

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