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Beer cosmetics are our most famous cosmetic range that we launched in 2007. It draws inspiration from rich tradition of Czech beer and exploits its exceptionally beneficial effects. Women in antiquity used miraculous beer spa during their beauty rituals for reaching smooth skin and unified skin tone. Also our grandmas knew about excetional effects of beer on beauty and vitality. They used the golden drink to have dazzling shiny hair and to prepare regenerating beer bath against dry skin from it. Beer is a rich source of vitamin B, trace elements and minerals. It supports regeneration, calming and rejuvenation of skin, reduces hair breakage, strengthens hair and restores its natural gloss. So, it can be called “liquid gold for beautiful hair”.

From July 1, 2019 we are presenting this (already) legendary range in a new design, with modified composition of products and improved formulae keeping up with current cosmetic trends. We have enriched selected products in new ingredients (barley extract, oat beta-glucan, almond oil, natural caffeine and others) and we applied new options of mild preservation. The design of the whole range, which is inspired by the history of brewing industry in our country, went through significant transformation too.

Emphasis on so important element of ecology and sustainability has remained unchanged. Also in the new conception of the beer cosmetic range we definitely prefer local raw materials and we maintain traditional production in Čakovice in Prague. Almost all packaging material connected with beer cosmetics comes from the Czech Republic: original plastic containers made from 25% recycled PET are produced in South Bohemia, paper boxes are printed in Opava and Kladno and tubes are made in South Moravia.

Quality and the story of raw materials are of paramount importance for us. In order to guarantee the best ingredient for our beer cosmetic range we spent all year round seeking the best Czech beer which would be brewed fairly by means of traditional methods from Czech ingredients and which would provide our cosmetics with a high content of active substances. A beer with a story and made with love and respect for tradition, as well as our cosmetics. After demanding search and long testing we finally chose this exceptional Ferdinand beer - pale lager 11° Max brewed by original, more than 120-year-old unchanged methods in a beautiful Ferdinand brewery in Benešov.

The unique Dream Shampoo is hot news. Its formula combines natural ingredients tried and tested for hundreds years with the latest cosmetic trends. Familiarize yourself with news that you and your hair definitely fall in love with, or with your favourite products in a new enhanced design. Come to our Manufaktura Original Home Spa shops or enjoy shopping online and get your packet delivered home.

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