Hot news! Deodorant for HIM and for HER

Healthy sweating – the latest cosmetic hit. Try it as well! The natural mineral deodorant with alum and exceptionally effective lichen extract will support you anytime you are under stress or when practising sporting activities. It prevents bacteria causing body odour from growth, and it works for up to 24 hours. Simultaneously, it does not stop natural sweating, which is healthy and beneficial to our bodies. Men´s natural mineral deodorant with alum and herbs and lichen extracts contains herbal complex which in combination with emollient oat oil meets specific needs of men´s skin. Tender natural mineral deodorant with alum and daisy contains oat oil, daisy extract and panthenol and provides female skin with calming and gentle care.

Thanks to light consistency both deodorants absorb quickly and you do not have to worry about stains on clothes. Delicate fragrance does not overshadow fragrance of eau de toilette or perfume. Our offer includes also 100% mineral alum deodorant which is totally fragrance-free and allergen-free.

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