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Every woman loves them… Miscellaneous bijoux, chains, strings, pebbles, beads, jewellery, trinkets… Little pleasures bringing great joy and making their owners pretty. They often have a special personal meaning for those who wear them and their material value is not crucial at all. They are presents for major events, anniversaries, gifts of love, little lucky charms hiding great force or symbolism. Prime quality cosmetics cares, beautifies, rejuvenates and pampers. When the results of beauty procedures connect with original jewellery, then femininity, healthy self-esteem and feeling beautiful multiplies. Gorgeous jewellery having its own story, holding a memory, or reminding us of important moments embellishes perfectly every woman. Discover a collection of original bracelets hand-made in Bohemia and designed with love and passion by Iva Winterová, designer of Jablonecká bižuterie.

Discover a collection of handmade bracelets Manufaktura that perfectly adorns every woman's hand and perfectly enhance any outfit…

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