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Unique dental programme for exceptionally high quality care of teeth, gums and oral cavity based on the content of herbs and thermal spring salt and without needless chemicals offers two basic products for everyday use: toothpase and mouthwash.

Both of the products are based on a precious herbal complex produced from seven healing herbs by means of a tried and tested traditional method. The herbs, i.e. mint, sage, chamomille, cloves, tormentil, agrimony and fennel, are supplied in top pharmaceutical quality. The anti-inflammatory, contracting, antiviral, calming and protective effects of the herbal complex are clinically proven. It also prevents bleeding gums.

Another active substance is Carlsbad thermal spring salt, used for dental care also by Jean de Carro, a famous spa doctor. Mounthrinse with thermal spring salt is a medical procedure used even today – it enhances periodonal tissue quality and, in combination with the herbal complex, prevents gum disease.

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