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Cookies policy

Principles of the Use of Cookies Files

Pursuant to article 89 of Act No 127/2005 Coll. on electronic communications we hereby inform you that our websites use cookie files in order to improve the services provided to you.

What are cookies files?

Cookie is a short text file sent to a web browser by a visited website. Thanks to cookies websites can record information about your visit, e.g. a preferred language and other settings. Thus, the next visit can be easier and more productive. Cookie files are important – browsing a website would be much more difficult without them.

Cookies files serve a variety of purposes. We use it e.g. for storing retrieval setting, selecting relevant advertisements, tracing number of website visitors, facilitating registration of new services and for your data protection.

Types of used cookies


These cookies carry information about current setting of websites. If a website supports personalisation, e.g. changing the text size, changing colours and others, cookies will save this information.


If a website supports login of users, security cookie files are used for verification of users, prevention of fraudulent use of login authorisation and protection of user data from unauthorized access.


Thanks to process cookie files websites can provide services that visitors expect, e.g. website navigation or access to secured website areas. Websites cannot work properly without these cookies.

Session state

These cookies collect information about customer behaviour, e.g. which websites users visit most frequently, or whether some websites display errors. These cookies help us to improve our services and user interface.

Analytical cookies

Google Analytics is an analytical tool of Google company that allows owners of websites and applications to understand how the visitors use the websites and applications.  Google Analytics can use a set of cookie files in order to collect information and to create an overview on use of websites without releasing any personal identification data about particular visitors to Google company. The main cookie file used by Google Analytics service is _ga.

Besides creating statistical overviews of use of websites Google Analytics together with advertising cookies can display the most relevant advertisements within Google (e.g. Google search) and on websites.

Extension, social sharing plugin, third party systems

Web presentation can use extension, i.e. social sharing plugin (e.g. Facebook Like button, Twitter tweet list, and others) or third party systems, e.g. Gogle Analytics described above. Only the provider of this service/services is responsible for a particular form, amount and purpose of cookie files stored in your web browser by third party providers.

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