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Content of natural ingredients

Exploiting natural ingredients is characteristic of Manufaktura – vast majority of our cosmetic products contain 97 – 99.5% of them. We definitely prefer natural ingredients for their high content of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, hydrating and nourishing substances. They have demonstrable and proven beneficial effects that have often been tried and tested for hundreds of years, which can be hardly said about many modern synthetic miraculous substances. In order to stand firm in quality of our products and to ensure their perfect efficacy, fineness, stability and safeness our formulae contain also several functional non-natural substances.

Non-natural substances are:

  • Preservatives – Protection of water-based cosmetic products against microbial contamination and subsequent health problems is impossible without preservatives. However, our offer includes many products that need no preservation at all (face and body oils, lip balms, bath salt ...)
  • Food dyes – We use only those food dyes that are safe and stable compared with the natural ones, which enhances appearance of our products.
  • Perfume compositions – Our products smell great thanks to the perfume compositions and some of them are even allergen-free (unfortunately, 100% natural perfumes contain a large amount of allergens).
  • Synthetic alternatives to some animal materials (the animal materials we use include only beeswax, honey and lanolin – wool grease)
  • Mineral oil – We use mineral oil in two-component oil bath for its unique stability and protective effect on skin.
  • Silicone is contained in hair balms in order to add shine to hair, to have it conditioned and smooth. There are hundreds of types of silicone and we use only water-soluble silicone which does not put strain on hair.
  • Quaternary ammonium salt is included in hair balms in order to remove annoying static electricity in hair.
  • Other auxiliary substances ensure binding water and oil phases in the products and they concentrate the products in order to retain exfoliating particles and others.

When selecting individual ingredients used in production we put emphasis on strict compliance with international standards. All products have official protocols on assessment of the safety for human health. Neither the products nor the raw materials are tested on animals. We are a holder of HCS certificate proving that we do not export our products to the countries where testing on animals is required.

Our packaging materials, which are not only beautiful and practical but they also minimize microbial contamination during consumer use, promote the use of a large amount of natural ingredients as well. That is why we love airless packages for our face creams. Thanks to a special technology avoiding contact of the cream with ambient air the airless package protects the product against oxidation and contamination, thus lower quantity of preservatives is used.