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Bath salt without packaging

Do you like relaxing in hot water with scented bath salt, but at the same time you try to minimize consumption of packages?

Environment-friendly and ecological approach to produced packaging is extremely important for us working in Manufaktura. In general, we are sparing with packaging, we use containers made from recycled PET plastic, we produce only in Bohemia and you will carry the products you buy in recycled paper bags. We keep looking for new approaches towards the issue. One of them is selling our products without packaging.

Bath salt without packaging!

We have encouraging news for the supporters of package free lifestyle. Since December 2018 you can buy bath salt sold by weight, which represents a considerable proportion of our assortment, and carry it away in your own containers. We will be happy to weigh and pack bath salt in your clean and closable containers, therefore we save unnecessary packaging togetherIf you buy our bath salt without packaging, you will be rewarded a pleasant bonus 10% off.

The opportunity to buy salt without packaging is offered in Manufaktura Original Home Spa shops. The minimum amount is 300 g by sort, the maximum is 3 kg. We reserve the right not to make a sale if the brought container does not meet our conditions or if sales personnel have no capacity to weigh salt due to large interest of customers. Thank you for your understanding!

We have not considered application of package free solution to other products yet. Bottling of liquid products encounters difficulties in the form of fine and mild composition of our products which would need to be preserved significantly much more in order to meet sanitary measures and microbiological stability.