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Autumn Cranberry Well-Being

Autumn is linked with damp weather, low temperatures, morning fogs, tiredness and laziness. Do not let weather ruin your mood and try to find something positive about this season. Take advantage of this period for rest, relaxation, regeneration and care of yourself. It is the opportune time for that.

Cold and inclement weather and early dusk encourage us to spend peaceful moments with warming cosmetics. Enjoy a pleasant ritual in the comfort of your home. Light a scented 100 % soya wax candle and relax in a bathtub filled with hot water. Bring your bath to perfection by means of sparkling shower and bath gel with almond oil and cranberry extract or softening cranberry bath salt. Supply your skin with a dose of hydration and regeneration. Spoil it by means of velvet body lotion with almond oil and panthenol. Apply to your face protective and nourishing face balm with natural oils stemming the loss of needed moisture, preventing irritation and providing the skin, which is often exposed to adverse environmental impacts, with a feeling of real well-being. Do not forget your lips, treat them to a delicate touch in the form of emollient lip balm and maintain them nourished and smooth.

Muffle yourself up in a warming blanket, drink hot cranberry and convince yourself that autumn time has something to it.