Apricot News for Beautiful Hair

Warm sun rays bring joy, good mood and the atmosphere of summer holidays and days off. However, the sun is not good for our hair, not even salt or chlorinated water, air-conditioned environment, pulling hair back to chignon or heat treatment. Due to this our hair is damaged, dried, brittle and weak. Luckily, we can prevent it and let our hair shine like the summer sun.

Apricot hair mask is the ideal option for complete hair care. Rinse mask without silicones contains protective and caring apricot extract, almond and jojoba oils, regenerative panthenol, oat beta-glucan, strengthening creatine, conditioning natural substance based on sugar and extract from brown seaweed for shine and vitality, and a complex of protective extracts from ginseng, barley, wheat, peach and apple. Thanks to these substances it helps nourish, hydrate, regenerate and fix hair, it makes hair combing easier and has an anti-static effect.

Cover your hair in magical mist thanks to which it will be safe even in summer. The delicate spray contains caring natural ingredients protecting hair. Rice extract provides protection against harmful UV lightning which weakens hair and fades its colour. Antipollution substances based on extracts from apricot and other fruits, wheat, barley and ginseng protect hair against harmful effects of the air and prevent trapping impurities. Complex of carbohydrates and seaweed extract can protect hair against the loss of deep moisture due to high temperature. Last but not least the mist provides hair with deep hydration thanks to which it is beautiful, shiny and anti-static.

Get acquainted with our apricot news and treat yourself to real intensive summer care with irresistible fragrance that your hair will appreciate and reward with beauty and vitality. The new products are available from June 1, 2019 in all Manufaktura shops and on www.manufaktura.cz/en/.

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