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A Little Bit of Public Awareness on behalf of our Beautiful Planet

Each of us can contribute to ecological sustainability, each of us can be environment-friendly and not to continue damaging nature needlessly. Common everyday tasks can be performed another way which will not encumber us and present a huge relief to nature. So, let´s start today!

1. Morning Teeth Brushing

While brushing our teeth we waste approximately 20 litres of water, if we leave it on. Wow!
Let´s turn off the tap while brushing teeth.
Save water where you can. You will help nature.

2. Coffee To Go

In Europe we daily use 725 million take away coffee cups.
Let´s use our own reusable cups and avoid increasing this huge number.
Spare a thought for a plastic cup.

3. Commuting

Environment polluted by smog causes many diseases.
Let´s give a rest to our cars from time to time and let´s take a bike or public transport instead.
Do you drive to work alone? Streets are full of smog…

4. Delivering Meals

Plastics presents unbelievable 85% of total garbage dumped in the sea. Half of it is disposable plastics.
Let´s try to enjoy meal directly in restaurants or use own containers.
Is life without plastics and meal delivery an obstacle for you?

5. Shopping

The average time for a plastic bag or packet to degrade is long 25 years.
Let´s prevent it and stop using needless plastics.
Shopping eco-bag is better than a plastic one!

6. Plastic Bottles

The average time for a plastic bottle to degrade is up to 450 years. Plastic bags flood oceans and seas!
Let´s use reusable bottles for drinking.
Plastic bottles can survive in a family for generations.

7. Use of Energy

The result of energy saving is not only cost saving bust also increase in the environment quality and sustaining of lasting values.
Let´s save both nature and money.
Turn off a light in a room if you are not there.

8. Separating Waste

Most Czech citizens take separating waste for granted. 72% of them regularly separate waste.
Great! Keep it up!

Sometimes it is difficult to separate waste, however, let´s make it a point to be happy here forever.