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585001-1 Original Toothpaste with Herbal Complex, Fluorine and Thermal Spring Salt 149 Kč 585002-1 Original Mouthwash with Herbal Complex and Thermal Spring Salt 159 Kč 445066-1 SOS Calming Anti-Acne Gel with Lavender, Thermal Spring Salt and Cloves 139 Kč 437265-1 Hydrating Micellar Water with Cucumber Extract and Almond Oil 169 Kč 437264-1 Hydrating Shower Gel & Shampoo 2 in 1 with Cucumber and Oat Extract 139 Kč 330025-1 Fresh Cucumber - Cocktail Syrup for Preparation of Delicious Mixed Drinks 139 Kč 449036-1 Scrub Soap with Grape Seed Oil and Glycerine 115 Kč 437273-1 Hydrating Face Cream & Mask 2 in 1 with Cucumber Extract and Jojoba Oil 229 Kč 448097-1 Hydrating Hand Cream with Cucumber Extract and Shea Butter 149 Kč 162040-1 Hair turban - pink 289 Kč 462014-1 Eau de Toilette MEN 795 Kč 162039-1 Hair turban - grey 289 Kč 462015-1 Eau de Toilette WOMEN 004 695 Kč 462013-1 Eau de Toilette WOMEN 003 829 Kč 437252-1 Nourishing and Softening Hand Scrub with Almond Oil 159 Kč 445064-1 Exclusive Regeneration & Nourishing Facial Oil Elixir 329 Kč 437266-1 Revitalising Shampoo for Weak and Damaged Hair with Apricot and Oat Extracts 149 Kč 445060-1 Herbal Bath with Thermal Spring Salt and Mint for Muscle and Joint Relaxation 99 Kč 437262-1 Cooling Gel for Tired Legs with Thermal Salt, Mint and Chestnut Extracts 159 Kč 437261-1 Refreshing Herbal Shampoo with Thermal Salt and Mint for Normal to Oily Hair 149 Kč 437260-1 Refreshing Shower Gel with Thermal Salt, Mint and Panthenol 139 Kč 445063-1 Calming & Hydrating Facial Toner with Lavender Water and Thermal Spring Salt 189 Kč 437274-1 Light Mattifying Hydrating Cream with Lavender and Thermal Spring Salt 199 Kč 330024-1 Men´s Herbal Elixir for Vigour, Strength and Exhilaration 179 Kč



Limited Editions

Yield to the magic of the cooling cucumber and provide your skin with perfect hydration & revitalizing care accompanied with compelling fresh non-allergic water fragrance.

Men´s Cosmetics

The Men´s range exploits unique vegetable complex of natural extracts of traditional, mostly Czech, herbs ideal for specific needs of men. It is accompanied by compelling aroma.


Beer Cosmetics

Beer cosmetics is based on centuries-old tradition of the Czech beer, which is thanks to its exceptional quality generally recognized as the best in the world.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

The cosmetic range of Dead Sea Tradition is based on application of unique Dead Sea salt and mud. It has excellent regenerative and antistress effects on human organism.


Thermal Salt Cosmetics

Cosmetics is inspired by tradition and history of this famous spa town. Thermal spring salt cleanses skin, stimulates blood circulation, refreshes, regenerates, and refines skin in a very natural way.


Visit MANUFAKTURA stores and experience a relaxing atmosphere with an emphasis on quality and tradition. Our stores are peaceful place where you can stop, take a breath and slow down. Historicist decorations, flowers and lovely fragrance will evoke pleasant atmosphere for your small home spa. Customer may await an original Czech cosmetics and accessories, friendly staff and the possibility of gift wrapping ...

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